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Shodashopachara Pooja Vidhi

Complete Shodashopachara 16 steps Pooja vidhi explained. 16 ways of worshiping the lord is called as Shodashopachara pooja. Upachara refers to the offerings and services made to a deity as part of .

Those are Achamaniyam, Deepa Jyoti, Asana Puja, Padyam, Arghyam, Madhuparkam, snanam, Vastram, Abharanam, KumKum,Dhoopam, Naivaidayam, Harathi, Mantrapushpam like 16 upacharas will be done respectable god or goddess.

Padyam: The devotee washes the god’s feet. This can be done by pouring a spoonful of water over the feet of the deity.
Arghyam: This is the offering of fragrant water to the deity. Water containing sandal paste, rice, grains and flowers is poured over the deity.
Achamanam: Water is offered to the deity to drink. In this the worshipper pours a little water in his palm and then sips it himself after offering it to the deity.
Snanam: The deity is bathed with fragrant oil and hot water. This also includes the Mahabhishekasnan.
Vastram: The deity is adorned in new clothes.
Upavastram: This specifically refers to the cloth offered to the deity to cover the upper part of the body.
Vilepan: Now after the deity has been adorned in new clothes offerings in the form of sandal paste, sindoor-red powder, bukka- black tilak powder are made. That is tilak is applied to the deity.
Pushpam: Flowers are offered to the deity.
Dhupam: Incense sticks or camphor are lit. Their fragrance enhances the ambience for the puja.
Deepam: A lamp is lit and placed in front of the deity.
Naivedyam: Eatables are offered to the deity. This later is distributed as prasad amongst the worshippers.
Namaskaram: The worshipper bows down in front of the deity to express his/her reverence.
Pradakshinam: The worshipper circumambulates the deity.
Mantra pushpa: Chanting of the appropriate mantra or any other prayer that maybe recited or sung.

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