Face Mask Based on Zodiac Sign

According to a study in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, face masks were shown to have some advantages for specific skin types based on the ingredients used.Those ingredients represents nature elements.Zodiac Sign face mask

Find out which type of face mask is perfect for you based on Zodiac Sign the opinion of the stars given below:

Face Mask Based on Zodiac Sign:

Best Face Mask for Aries: Peel Mask

You’re a tad bit impatient when it comes to skincare. You need to pick something that’s quick and efficient because you like to work smarter, not harder. Pick up multi-tasking products that can do the job of 2-3 products in one go. You’re hardly going to give your skincare routine 10 minutes of your day, so it’s all going to limit to – cleansing – exfoliating – face serum – moisturising.

Best Face Masks for Taurus: 24K Gold Mask

You’re very determined and persistent which means you will need to get a proper skincare regime every single day even if you’re busy. So for you, morning and nighttime routine could be all about cleansing – exfoliating – multi-task moisturizing

Best Face Masks for Gemini: Gel Mask

You’re quite an adaptable personality and so you would believe in a skincare routine that’s as flexible as you are. A light regime is just what you need. So make sure you indulge in these – remove make-up – cleanse – apply serum – moisturise – eye cream.

Best Face Masks for cancer: Rubber Mask

You’re overemotional and moody sometimes. After a hectic day, you’d want nothing else but a comforting skincare routine. And so, for a stress-free skincare routine, you need to – exfoliate – put face mask – moisturise.

Best Face Masks for Leo: Glitter Mask

You’re quite an enthusiastic person and you will put all the time you have when it comes to your skincare. For you, a Korean skincare regimen would work the best. It’s all about – cleanse – double cleanse – exfoliate – put face mask – hydrating toner – eye cream – moisturise.

Best Face Masks for Virgo: All-Natural Mask

You’re a perfectionist and your meticulous traits demand a perfect skincare routine. This is why you need to choose – Face cleanser – micellar water – facial serum – facial moisturiser – eye cream.

Face Mask Based on Zodiac Sign- Best Face Masks for Libra: Clay Mask

You’re a very flirtatious and romantic personality and so we believe that you’re quite perfect with your skincare routine too. A flawless, date-worthy make-up look comes down to good skin. And so, you need to follow – double cleanse – charcoal mask – moisturise – highlighter for glowing skin.

Face Mask Based on Zodiac Sign- Best Face Masks for Scorpio: Charcoal Mask

You’re determined and a little bit obsessive at times. There’s no better time than now for you to put your determination to use and get your skin in a good shape. For this, you need to indulge in – double cleansing – exfoliating before bed – scrubbing in the shower – face masking.

Face Mask Based on Zodiac Sign- Best Face Masks for Sagittarius: Bubble Mask

You’re a straightforward personality and a freedom-lover. Your perfect skincare routine should be simple and to the point. For your minimalist skincare regimen, you need to – cleanse – apply serum – moisturise – eye cream – sunscreen.

Face Mask Based on Zodiac Sign- Best Face Masks for Capricorn: Bubble Mask

You’re practical and realist and so you’d never want to spend a fortune on skincare products to get fabulous results. This is why you can indulge in a routine that includes – cleansing – applying a serum – moisturising – applying eye cream – face masking.

Face Mask Based on Zodiac Sign- Best Face Masks for Aquarius: Light Therapy Mask

You’re quite a loyal personality and also realise how your skin deserves the same loyalty. You need a devoted and high-maintenance skincare routine that includes – double cleansing – toning – trying an essence – applying a serum – moisturising – applying eye cream – applying sunscreen.

Face Mask Based on Zodiac Sign -Best Face Masks for Pisces: Sleeping Mask

You’re very idealistic and so you’d want to include fewer products in your skincare routine that can give you the same results as a much-longer routine can promise. You need a skip-care routine which basically is all about – cleansing – moisturising – eye cream – face masking once in a week.