Medaram Jatara

Medaram Sammakka Saralamma Jatara
Medaram Sammakka Saralamma Jatara

Sammakka Saralamma Jatara

Sammakka Saralamma Jatara is called as Sammakka Sarakka Jatara and also Medaram Jatara is a festival to honor the Hindu Tribal goddesses, celebrated in the state of Telangana, India. The Sammakka Sarakka Jatra is a State Festival of Govt. of Telangana. This Jatara is known for witnessing one of the largest people gatherings in the world. People offer Bangaram (Jaggery).

The Medaram Jathara festival is held every two years at in Medaram Village of Tadvai Mandal deep in the heart of the thick forests of Mulugu district.The rituals related to the Goddesses are entirely conducted by the Koya Tribe priests, in accordance with Koya customs and traditions.

This Jathara has been declared as State Festival during 1998. This year the Jathara will be held from 16th February to 19th February 2022 (4-days)

So,here Stotra Veda Providing complete information of Sammakka Saralamma Jatara(Medaram Jatara) Medaram Jathara 2022 Program Schedule,How to reach the Temple(Land Marks) and Near By Visiting Places,Facilities,Bathing Ghats,Room Bookings,Traffic regulations,Parking Places,Medical facilities,Bus Points,Police Help line,TSRTC,Medical Helpline.

Until 1955, about 2,000 people used to visit Medaram, of which the majority 1,500 belonging to the Koya tribe.But now a large number of non-Koya people(1.3 crore) visits Medaram and the Koya people comprises only 2% of the total worshipers.Devotees comes from all over Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and neighbouring states like Orissa, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

Medaram Jathara 2022 Program Schedule:

DAY 1 (16-02-2022) Wednesday:
Goddess Saralamma Ammavaru will arrive on Gadde from Kannepally village

1st day of “Medaram Jathara” is celebrated as the arrival of Saralamma on to the ‘Medaram Gaddhe’ (Platform). Saralamma was the daughter of Sammakka. Saralamma is installed in a temple at Kannepalli, a small village near Medaram On 16-02-2022, in the morning pujaris perform pujas secretly. The married women and men, those who want to have children and thosewho are suffering from diseases perform special pujas to Saralamma on this day The villages of Kannepalli perform ‘Aarti’ and organize grand farewell to Saralamma. From there, the idol of Saralamma is brought to Medaram Gaddhe through ‘Jampanna Vaagu’ (a small canal named after Jampanna) After arriving on to the ‘Gaddhe’ Saralamma is worshipped with special pujas and other rituals.

DAY 2 (17-02-2022):
Goddess Sammakka Ammavaru will arrive on Gadde from Chilakala Gutta.

2nd day of Medaram Jatara is celebrated as the arrival of Sammakka on to the ‘Medaram Gaddhe’ (Platform). Sammakka is welcomed amidst the official homage from police and government. ‘Edurukolla Ghattam’ is one of the popular events during the arrival of Sarakka.On 17-02-2022, pujaris bring bamboo sticks and place them on the ‘Gaddhe’. Amdist the protection and official homages of police, Pujaris bring Sammakka to Gaddhe (Sammakka is usually installed at Chilukala Gutta in the form of a ‘Kumkuma Bharina’). Sammakka is the presiding deity of Medaram Sammakka Saralamma Jathara At Chilukala Gutta, as the indication of the arrival of Sammakka, the district SP (Superintendent of Police) fires his gun thrice in the air and inaugurates the ‘bali’ to please Sammakka. Amidst the slogans praising Sammakka, pujaris bring the deity on to Gaddhe.

DAY 3 (18-02-2022):
Jathara will be in its full swing. Crores of pilgrims will have darshan of these “DEVATHAS’and will offer their “MOKKUBADULU”.

3rd day of Medaram Jathara, Sammakka Saralamma darshanam is available devotees. After performing Punya Snanams in ‘Jampanna Vaagu’, devotees visit the Goddesses. Devotees offer various offerings to Sammakka Saralamma. In 2022, sammakka sarakka darshanam date is 18-02-2022. Women offer ‘Odi Biyyam’ (sacred rice) and ‘saare’ (combination of necessary items in daily items) to the Goddesses. Third day is the busiest one among the four festival days.The important offering in Sammakka Sarakka Jathara is ‘Bangaram’ (bellam, the Gold). Jaggery is offered as gold to the Goddesses.

DAY 4 (19-02-2022):
Afternoon Ammavarlu Vana Pravesham.

Last the 4th day of Medaram Jathara is celebrated as Vana Pravesham of Sammakka and Sarakka. After getting worshipped by millions of devotees, devatas return back to forest. It marks the conclusion of 4-day Sammakka Saralamma Jathara.The same security and the official homage they have got while arriving on to the platform are paid to the Goddesses while returning into the forest (Vana Pravesham).

Medaram Jatara Dates
Medaram Jatara Dates

What is the Story of Sammakka Sarakka?

According to a tribal legend, about seven centuries ago, the Koya tribals found a little girl playing with tigers while passing through the Dandakaranya forest. The tribal chief adopted her and named her Sammakka.

She married Pagididda Raju, headman of a neighbouring village, and begot three children –Jampanna, Nagulamma and Saaralamma. The Koyas were under the tutelage of the Kakatiyas, who ruled Central India from Warangal City between 1000 AD and 1380 AD.

During a severe drought that lasted years, the mighty Godavari dried up and the Koyas fell on hard times. Though the Kakatiya rulers’ insisted on them paying the tax, it was beyond the means of the Koyas. Kakatiya Emperor Pratapa Rudra sent forces to teach the Koyas a lesson. This was resisted by the Koyas. In the bitter war, most of the Koya chieftains lost.

Samakka resolved to continue the fight to avenge the dead and was wounded. Samakka told her people that as long as they remembered her, she would protect them. Then, she cursed the Kakatiya dynasty and disappeared into the forest.

Legends say that the tribals searched for their queen and found a red ochre box, containing her bangles, and the pug-mark of a tigress. Since then, the Koyas, Waddaras and other tribes and non-tribals have been holding feasts in memory of Sammakka and Saralamma.

Jampanna Vagu:

Jampanna vagu is a tributary to River Godavari. According to history, Jampanna is the tribal warrior and the son of the Tribal Goddess Sammakka. The Jampanna vagu took his name as he died in a battle fighting against Kakatiyan Army in that stream. The Jampanna vagu is still red in colour marked with the blood of Jampanna (Scientifically the red colour of the water is attributed to the soil composition). Tribals believe that taking a holy dip in the red water of Jampanna Vagu reminds them the sacrifice of their gods who save them and also induces courage into their souls. There is a bridge constructed on top of Jampanna Vagu, known as Jampanna Vagu bridge.

How To Reach:

Medaram is located nearly 260 km from Hyderabad and it is well connected by road and rail from some of the major cities of Telangana like Warangal, Bhupalapally, Karimnagar etc.

The village of Medaram is located at a distance of 14 km to the northwest of Tadvai village, and it is accessible by NH 163.

By Road:

For those travelling from Hyderabad by road, NH 163 via Warangal is an ideal option. There are special buses operated by TSRTC, from MGBS station and Uppal cross roads in Hyderabad.

LandMarks to reach Meadaram Jatara:

People coming from adilabad,karimnagar and nizamabad should first travel to kamalapur cross road at boopalpally, after travel through gollabuddaram,dudhekulapalli,Bakkayyapeta,Narlapur to reach medaram.

People coming from Madhya Pradesh , Chattisgarh States and khammam District will first reach eturnagaram Mandal and cross singaram, kannai gudem, gangaram then cross Godavari river at Devadula.

People from Bastar district , odishha border and badrachalam should first visit mangapeta in warangal district then by national highy way reach to Medaram.

Kazipet and warangal are the near by railways stations that connects medarm and other States by Rail Route.

By Train:

Kazipet is the nearest railway station to reach Medaram, located about 105 km away. South Central Railway (SCR) is running 16 special trains between Secunderabad-Warangal-Hyderabad, Kazipet-Sirpur Kagazhnagar-Kazipet and Sirpur Kagazhnagar-Khammam- Sirpur Kagazhnagar from January 31st to February 3rd.

By Helicopter:

Helicopter service for Medaram Jathara Hyderabad – Medaram.
Arieal Survey of Medaram will cost you 2999/-
Vip Darshan with Helicopter ride for 6 people is 1.8L + GST

Medaram Route Map:

Medaram Jathara complete route map and near by attractions complete details given below.

Medaram Route Map  మేడారం రూట్ మ్యాప్
Medaram Route Map

Medaram Helicopter Booking:

Medaram Helicopter Ride Price-Launched by the Tourism department in collaboration with Thumby Aviation Pvt Ltd.This time Hot Air Balloon Ride also Launched.

Package details:

  • the service costs ₹19,999 for a round trip. It takes about 20 minutes one way.
  • In the morning, there is a 9 a.m. pick up from Hanamkonda and drop-off at the same place at 12.30 p.m.
  • The afternoon service starts at 1.30 p.m. and return at 5 p.m. Only five seats are available per shift.
  • For those interested in aerial view, which takes about eight minutes, it will cost ₹3,700 per head.
  • Helicopter charter services are also available from Karimnagar to Medaram (₹75,000 per person),
  • Hyderabad to Medaram (₹75,000 per person) and Mahabubnagar to Medaram (₹1 lakh per person).
  • Charter service is subject to minimum five seats.
  • Those interested can call 98805-05905,94003 99999 or Mail at for details.

Near By visiting Places Medaram Jathara:

Laknavaram lake:

Laknavaram Lake 35.10 KM Away from Medaram.

On Thadawai warangal road one can visit Laknavaram lake.Hanging bridge is major attraction here.

It is located in Govindraopet mandal of Jayashankar Bhupalpally district, is a trending picnic spot. The lake is an exceptional thing of beauty. The lake was formed by closing down three narrow valleys. Each valley is replaced with a short bund, and hills act as their natural barrier. The lake has been constructed by the rulers of the Kakatiya dynasty in 13th Century A.D. An added advantage is that the lake takes shelter in isolated surroundings and this makes your holiday very private.

The entire region seems bountiful with green crops and pleasant water resources. The Laknavaram Lake which hides itself amidst the hills was discovered during the Kakatiya reign and the rulers expanded it to grow as a source of irrigation. An added attraction to this mystic beauty is the suspension bridge. The hanging bridge takes you to the mini island in the lake. The authorities maintaining the lake also provide boat riding facility which will take you close to the most serene part of the lake.

Ramappa temple:

On Thadawai to warangal road , 14 km from jangal palli crposs one can visit Ramappa Temple. Famous for wonderful kakatiyas temple carvings on stones.

The Ramalingeswara Temple which is popularly known as the Ramappa temple is one such amazing piece of art that stands as a testimony of the royal Kakatiyas. The temple got its name Ramappa because of its chief sculptor Ramappa. It’s probably the only temple in the country to be known by the name of its sculptor. The medieval Deccan Ramappa Temple which dates back to 1213 AD, was built by the patronage of the Kakatiya ruler Ganapathi Deva under the authority of his Chief Commander Recherla Rudra at the place known as Ranakude in the Atukuru province. The Ramappa temple is the right destination for people who admire architectural brilliance and have a panoramic view of true scenic beauty. The temple is situated in Palampet village of the Venkatapur mandal, in Mulugu District.

The Ramappa temple has been referred as the brightest star in the network of medieval temples in the Deccan region. You can reach the temple via a royal garden, which is now reduced to a lawn with a path paved by trees. Another striking feature of this temple is that it is built with bricks that are so light that they can easily float on water. The temple which is situated in a valley took nearly 40 years to be completed. Elaborate carvings line the walls and also cover the pillars and ceilings of the temple. The Ramappa temple finds its hold on a 6 feet high platform on a cruciform plan. The temple’s chamber is crowned with a shikharam and is surrounded by pradakshinapatha. At the entrance of the temple, we can find a Nandi mandapam. An imposing Nandi vigraham stands on it. The Ramappa Lake is one of the prominent reservoirs built by Kakatiya rulers.

Warangal city:

There are many tousrist places to see inside warangal City .Thousand pillar temple(veyi stambala gudi), bhadrakali temple and Kakatiya fort are must see places.

Malluru is located at a distance of 23km from Eturnagaram and is approachable through well maintained BT road connecting Eturnagaram and Vijayawada via Bhadrachalam. Chintamani Jalapatam, a natural spring runs through the dense forest is very prominent in this region.

Local tribal believe that these spring water passing beneath the tree roots from the dense forest possesses various medicinal and excellent remedy for skin diseases. On visiting the spring, it is the local custom to visit the Holy shrine of Lord Narasimha Swamy located in Malluru.

Further, few Megalithic burials and a fort are found on the hilltop near Malluru and one has to trek for about half a day to reach the place. These are located in proximity to tribal habitat and they are protected by them since ages.

Ghanpur Kota Gullu:

Ghanpur Kota Gullu 58.90 KM Away from Medaram. Ghanpur temples, popularly known as Kota Gullu, are a group of 12th century stone temples that are located in Ghanpur near Jayashankar Bhupalpally.

Kota Gullu were constructed by King Ganapatideva, a ruler of the famous Kakatiya dynasty, during the period 1199–1260 AD.

Temples are constructed within a double walled stone enclosure. Of all these temples, the main temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is the most admirable. There is yet another temple that is dedicated to Shiva, to the north of the main temple that looks alike in appearance. The other shrine of the temple consists of Garbhagriha and Antarala.

The most striking feature of the temples is the Sabha mandapa porches. Two madanikas are seen on the northern side of the portico. The eastern and southern porticos are embellished with several mythical figures of GajaKesari, half human-half lion form riding on elephant, and horse-head lion back on elephant.

Pandavula Guhalu:

Pandavula Guhalu 62.60 KM Away from Medaram.

Jayashankar Bhupalpally district consists of many Prehistoric habitation sites, which were explored by the Indian Archaeological authorities. Paleolithic Rock art paintings are found at Pandavulagutta, Regonda mandal in the district. The paintings on rock shelters were dated to megalithic times of 1,000 BC.

Rock art is a form of landscape art, and includes designs that have been placed on boulder and cliff faces, cave walls and ceilings, and on the ground surface.

It’s a global phenomenon, being found in many different regions of the world. Such artworks are often divided into three forms: petroglyphs which are carved into the rock surface, pictographs which are painted onto the surface, and earth figures engraved into the ground. The study of rock art gives us a good insight into our history from pre-historic ages.

The figures depicted in the paintings at these hills are geometrical designs and impressions in green, red, yellow and white pigment colours. Besides these rock paintings, inscriptions of Rastrakutan times and fresco paintings of late medieval period have also been reported from these hillocks. Some of the paintings were superimposed, depicting highly developed anatomical features and curves.

Apart from this, there are lot of rocks to climb and have fun too!

Kaleshwara Mukteshwara Swamy Aalayam:

Kaleshwaram 93.10 KM Away from Medaram.

Kaleshwaram is a town lying on the border of Telangana and Maharashtra. The town is popularly known for it’s ancient and famous Kaleshwara Mukteshwara Swamy Temple. This is a revered temple, dedicated to the worship of the powerful Lord Shiva. The most iconic aspect in this ancient temple is the presence of two lingas holding on to a single pedestal or the Panavattam. The temple gets its name Kaleshwara Mukteswara Swamy mandiram because of the duel presence of Lord Shiva or the Mukteshwara and the other is the Lord Yama or Kaleshwar.

Jayashankar tourism gains a lot of importance from the historical significance of this temple. It is also believed that the Kaleshwara Mukteswara Swamy temple is one of the three temples of Lord Shiva of Trilinga Desham. All the three temples are considered as Jyotirlingas that ornament the three corners of Telugu Land. The other two temples constituting the TrilingaDesam are at the Draksharamam and Srisailam. The temple boasts of several unique features, one of which is the hole in the Mukteshwara linga which can never be filled with water. The reason behind it is still a wonder. Many researchers have failed to provide any explanation for this. However, there are a few indications of a possible underground passage which goes all the way to the River Godavari which could provide a logical explanation. Another special attraction of this temple is the interesting sculpture of the fish idol.

Tadvai Forest Huts and Cycling:
Tadvai is a tribal village abutting NH 163 and is located about 76km from Bhupalpally. This is known for its Wildlife Sanctuary. In view of wildlife significance of this region, the State Forest Department has developed a unique project called ‘Vanajeevan’ (Tadvai Huts Complex), a forest resort tucked away in deep reserve forest area providing excellent experience to the nature loving tourists.

The complex consists of two concrete structured huts, one dormitory and two tented accommodation, besides a mud-structured hut that gives a feel being close to the nature.

The complex consists of two concrete structured huts, one dormitory and two tented accommodation, besides a mud-structured hut that gives a feel being close to the nature. The entire complex is covered with chain-linked fencing and adequate security arrangements for the safe stay of the tourists.

Cycling activity has been started recently allowing the tourists to ride through the forests for 5km. This amazing rides comes with sighting of birds like Indian roller (Pala Pitta), Kingfishers, Parakeets etc.

Bogatha Waterfalls:

Bogatha Waterfall 54.60 KM Away from Medaram. Bogatha waterfalls are located in Bogatha village near Wazeedu mandal at a distance of 18km from Eturnagaram. Surrounded by dense forest, hills, water streams and tribal hamlets nearby, the falls has excellent connectivity with newly constructed bridge on NH 163.

These beautiful waterfalls, even though water flows throughout the year, a good time to visit is after monsoon between June and November. Visitors have to trek for some distance to reach the waterfall.

It is locally known as Niagara of Telangana.

Damarvai Dolmens:
Megalithic burials are located at Damarvai village which is about 15km from Tadvai. Therese burials stands as testimony to the existence of prehistoric man here 10,000 years ago. These are unique structures a single chamber of megalithic consisting of two or more structures supporting a huge horizontal capstone.

Three types of Dolmens are found here (one built on ground, second built on stone formations, and third of circular formation of stones). Further, these Megalithic burials are located in proximity to tribal habitat and are protected by them since ages.

Medaram Jatara Facilities:

Traffic Regulation:
Heavy vehicles movement will be put-off the roads from 1st week of February to avoid traffic congestion.
Alternative route at Gattamma Temple (Mulug) for free movement of the vehicles who traditionally stop-over there for a while on the way to Medaram.
Pasra-Narlapur road being made a One-way.
Separate routes are made for RTC Buses (Pasra-Thadvai-Medaram) & for Private vehicles (Pasra- Narlapur).

Parking of the vehicles:

More than 27 parking places are identified in nearly 1000 Acres.
More than 12-Holding areas covering 270 Acres identified to have enough buffer space in the event of re-routing or holding the vehicles on the route.

Police Personnel arranged at Check-Posts and Police Out-post to guide the traffic.
Police Personnel arranged at Check-Posts and Police Out-post to guide the traffic
Cranes and towing vehicles stationed at Strategic locations to clear any traffic obstructions
Patrolling by the Bike-borne Police to de-clog any traffic congestion’s.

Parking Places at Medaram Jatara:

S No

Name of the Place

1P1 Basugudem
P2 Oorattam – I
P3 Oorattam – II
P4 Oorattam – III
P5 Kannepally
P6 Jampangavai
P7 Marasoora RF
P8 Pochamma Bandhan
P9 Kalvapally Check Post


P10 Kalvapally X Road – I
11P11 Kalvapally X Road – II

P12 Bayyakkapet

13P13 Chinthal X Road -I
14P14 Chinthal X Road II
15P15 Arumalla Gutta
16P16 Erra Cheruvu – I
17P17 Erra Cheruvu – II
18P18 Vengalapur
19P19 Ballani Chinthal
20P20 Thurkani Chinthal
21P21 Kothur _ I
22P22 Kothur II
23P23 VIP
24P24 VVIP
25P25 Mettugutta
26P26 Kamaram
27P27 chinnaboinapally

Medaram Jathara Contacts Numbers:

Help Line Number: 08715-223257, 108717-281247, 08717-281247.

Bathing Ghats:

800 Mtrs., New Bathing Ghats in three separate places on Jampanna Vagu.
Repairs to Old Bathing Ghats – 2681 Mtrs.
Construction of (2) new Infiltration Wells & desilting of the existing wells.
Ladies Dress Changing Compartments.
Deploying 100-Swimmers at 4-places @ 25 each (Bathing Ghats) on Jampanna Vagu with 30-Boats.
Deploying 50-Swimmers at 2-Irrigation Tank Places @ 25 each and also additional swimmers at unsafe Bathing area.

Medical and Health:

s.noName of ActivityNumbersPurposeAmount
1Medical Camp & Man Power760Program Officer, Duty Medical Officer, Para Medical staff, Class IV staff on duty13,53
2Medical Camps Arrangement33Main Camp TTD Mini Camp Enroute Camp23,80
3Drugs & surgical, Transport, Labour charges, IEC1Purchase of drugs & Instrument81,00
4Miscellaneous & food expenditure1Purchasing of Bucket, mugs, Mat, Anti malarial spray15,57
Medical and Health in Medaram Jatara

Medaram Jatara Tsrtc Info:

From Hyderabad:
From HYD-MGBS (Bus Point) 259 km
From HYD-(Uppal X Roads) (Bus Point) 230 km
From HYD-Miyapur (Bus Point) 273 km
From HYD-Gachibowli, (Bus Point) 299 km
From HYD-Jeedimetla (Bus Point) 274 km

From Adilabad :
CHENNUR (Bus Point) 225 km
SRIRAMPUR (Bus Point) 190 km

From Bhupalpally :
MALLAMPALLY (Bus Point) 75 km
MULUG (Bus Point) 60 km
JANGALAPALLY (Bus Point) 55 km
VENKATAPUR (Bus Point) 62 km
GOVINDARAOPET (Bus Point) 35 km
PASRA (Bus Point) 30 km
GHANPUR(MULUG) (Bus Point) 80 km
BHUPALPALLY (Bus Point) 100 km
THADVAI (Bus Point) 16 km
ETURNAGARAM (Bus Point) 30 km
MANGAPET (Bus Point) 45 km
KALESHWARAM (Bus Point) 155 km
KATARAM (Bus Point) 120 km
VAZEDU (Bus Point) 51 km

From Khammam :
PERURU (Bus Point) 71 km
KHAMMAM (Bus Point) 243 km

From Karimnagar :
HUZURABAD (Bus Point) 145 km
8-INCLINE (Bus Point) 175 km

From Kothagudem :
YELLANDU (Bus Point) 195 km
KOTHAGUDEM (Bus Point) 165 km
BHADRACHALAM (Bus Point) 145 km
PALWANCHA (Bus Point) 152 km
MANGURU (Bus Point) 100 km

From Mancheriala :
BELLAMPALLY (Bus Point) 225 km
MANDAMARRI (Bus Point) 215 km

From Nizamabad :
NIZAMABAD (Bus Point) 335 km

From Warangal :
HANAMKONDA (Bus Point) 105 km
KAZIPET (Bus Point) 110 km
WARANGAL (Bus Point) 105 km
JANAGAON (Bus Point) 165 km
GHANPUR-STN (Bus Point) 140 km
NARSAMPET (Bus Point) 107 km
KOTHAGUDA (Bus Point) 137 km
PARKAL (Bus Point) 107 km
CHITYAL (Bus Point) 115 km
MAHABUBABAD (Bus Point) 155 km
THORRUR (Bus Point) 165 km
WARADANNAPET (Bus Point) 133 km
ATMAKUR (Bus Point) 90 km

From Maharastra :


There are few options for stay at Medaram. Tourists can avail accommodation facilities at Haritha Hotel, Kakatiya in Warangal city.

For Room Bookings:

Forest Tents:

100 tents (Forest Tents) have been set up for the devotees to stay in the comfort of the devotees who are listening to the veneration of the forest department. On the back of the Kalyana Katta at the back of the tents, there is an acre at Ballon No.5. You can have up to 5 people in each tent. A new toilet van was set up for 10 tents for the freshwater facility for every tent. Fire extinguisher is also available at medaram jathara for the each tent

2000/- [24 Hours]
1000/- [12 Hours]
5 Persons [Max. ]
+91 95531 42346 [A. Venkat]

Book your unique homes around the medaram which are available.

You can host your room and house for rent here.
You can book rooms and house for rent.

A suite or 1 BHK, which has 1 bedroom, Hall & Kitchen with attached Bathroom where 4 Adults + 2 Children can accommodate.

1000/- [One Day]
4 Adults + 2 Children

A room, single room with bathroom, where 2 Adults + 1 Child can accommodate.

500/- [One Day]
2 Adults + 1 Children

A Big Room with number of beds arranged, where 1 bed is accommodate for one person, with common Bathrooms.

There are many eateries and restaurants available in Medaram during the annual Jatara.

Medaram comes alive during annual Jatara where tourists can buy many toys, handicrafts, forest produce, puja related items, prasadam etc.

List Of Sectors:

For Purpose of Administration during Jalhara.
The whole area is divided into 38 Sectors
These 38-Sectors .11 be a man. by Sectoral Officers and their Staff 2487 for a period of 7-days.

1) Control Room
2) ITDA Camp Office. Medaram
3) Temple Entry Guest House side
4) Temple Entry Chilakala Gotta Side
5) Temple Entry Police Camp Side
6) Devathala Gadde
7) Temple Exit 1 & 11
8) RTC Alighting Point
9) RTC Bus stand. Bus Stad Road infront of School
10) Jampannavagu to Narlapur Side
11) Jampannamgu Alighting Point Road
12) Kannepally Village & Surroundings
13) Oorattam Village & Surroundings
14) Cottages
15) English Medium School
16) Missing Persons Camp I
17) VV1P & VIP Parking
18) Forest Guest House Pasra
19) Project Nagar to Chintal X Road
24) Gatamma Temp. Mulugu
25) Narlapur Baymkkapet
26) Sector at ITDA camp for Emerge
27) Jangalapally
28) Ashram School, Tadmi
29) Ashram School – Project Nagar
30) Reddy Gudem & Surrounding
31) Medical Center Madaram
32) Emerge, – A) RIX) Mulugu B) PO- Eturunagram
33) NIobile Team AI Pa.sra B) Lavala – Thadvi
20) Narlapur Kottur Village
21) Kottur Jampannamgu Bridge
22) Chintal Jn.. Shuttle Bus Stand
23) RTC Ticketing Point. Thadmi
34) RTC Control Room
35) Madaram Tank
36) Laknavaram Tank
37) Rarnappa
38) Sivaram, Sagar & Surrounding

Medaram Jathara Guide – Official Mobile App Download:

Sammakka Saralamma Jatara administration has launched a website and a mobile app on the mega biennial tribal congregation scheduled to be held at Medaram in Telangana’s tribal heartland from February 16 to 19.

The mobile app works without internet in offline mode, official sources said.

It allows the users to access updated information about facilities, including drinking water, bathing ghats, toilets, helpline and vaccination centres, medical camps, traffic regulations, parking lots, route map of important places and landmarks in and around Medaram and other jatara related information.

The users can give suggestions and post their selfies or pictures on this mobile app, sources added.

The website features comprehensive information on Medaram, a remote village near Eturunagaram wildlife sanctuary, and the origin of Sammakka Saralamma jatara, considered as one of the largest tribal congregations in the world, and the significance of the age-old ritual associated with it and Jampanna vagu, a tributary of Godavari River, at Medaram.