Maha Sudarshana Homam Samagri List

Maha Sudarshana Homam Pooja Samagri List Visit
Maha Sudarshana Homam Pooja Samagri List

Maha Sudarshana Homam Pooja Samagri List:

List of pooja Samagri required to perform Sudharshana Homam:

Why Do we perform Sudarsana Homam:

Sudarsana Homam is performed to get profit in the business / profession and career and to lead successful life.

  • Sudarshana Homam helps to lead a successful life.
  • Sudarshana Homam helps gain prosperity.
  • It helps in healing the body and provides rejuvenation of health.
  • Moreover, it helps in the purification from the harmful and toxic energies.
  • Sudarshana Homam helps to achieve the sincere desires.
  • It provides also huge victory and immense success with manifestations.
  • Further, it provides immediate relief from the unexplained sufferings or worries.
  • To come out of evil things.
  • wants to work for the people and community.
  • Needs relief from the evil eye.
  • Needs relief from the intense problems due to powerful enemies.

Puja Samagri(for Maha Sudarshana Homam/Pooja)

1.Haldi Powder – 150 Grams
2.Kumkum – 50 Grams
3.Gandam/Sandal Powder-1 pack
4.Betel Nuts -250 Grams
5.Agarbathi – 1 Pack
6.Match Box – 1 Pack
7.Camphor – 100gms
8.Cow Ghee – 1 and 1/2 Kg
9.Pancha Deepam oil – 200 Grams
10.Akshathan – 150 Grams
11.Rice Flour -250 Grams
12.Honey – 50 Grams
13.Black Seseme seeds(Black Til)-50 Grams

Dry Fruits(for Maha Sudarshana Homam/Pooja)

14.Cashew Nuts Kaju – 50gms
15.Dry Grapes (Kismiss) – 50gms
16.Dry Karjuram – 100 Gms
17.Jaggery – 200 Gms
18.Sugar Nuts – 100 Gms
19.Chuduva/ – 200 Gms
20.Vari Pelalu (Nel Pori) – 100 Gms

Suganda Dhravyam Powder-All mix(for Maha Sudarshana Homam/Pooja)

24.Pacha Karpooram ,
26.Dalchina Chekka ,
27.Kasturi ,
28.Gorojanam ,
29.Anasa Poovu,
30.Saffron -1 Box (kunkuma povvu)


31.Pattu Vasthram – 1
32.Thread Reel – 1
33.Cotton Wicks – 1
35.Pooja Asanam – 2


36.Navarathanam – 1 Set
37.Pancha loham – 1 Set
38.Dry Coconut (Full) – 5 Count
39.Vattiveru -50 Grams
40.Navadhanyam -200 Gms
41.HomaDhravyam- 200gms
42.Lotus Seeds

These Other Items also Required for Maha Sudarshana Homam/Pooja

Thread Reel
Naivedyam – Devotees choice
Flowers – 4 Bunches

Fruits – 12 Bananas and 5 variety fruits
Rice – 2.5 kg
Kalas vastram – 1 Towel or 2 Yards fabric

Coins (quarters) – 20
Rice (Cooked) – 1 Cup
Panchapatra and Udharini

Small Trays 2 nos

Big Trays 2 numbers

Small Cups 5 nos
Asirvada New dresses
Blankets 2 nos. (for guest seating)
Hand Paper Napkins
Mud Deepam

Puja materials Sudarshana Homam puja Samagri