Magha Gupta Navratri

Magha Navratri Shyamala Navratris
Magha Gupta Navratri Shyamala Navratris

Shyamala Navratris/Matangi Navratris:

Magha Gupta Navratri is also called as Shyamala Navratri, Matangi Navratri,Shishira Navratris. It is one of Gupta Navaratri. Shyamala Navratris are confidential and extremely powerful. Mainly four Navratris are occur every year.

The Chaitra and Ashwayuja Navratris are well known.The Gupta Navaratris are varahi navaratri it is in the month of Ashada in every year and another one is Shyamala Navratri or Matangi Navratri in the month of Magha in every year. This year dates and Thithis given below.

Why it is called as Gupta Navratri (Secret Navratri)?

From its meaning it kind of can be called a secret Navratri. Unlike Vasantha Navratri and Ashwayuja masa Navratri when we celebrate by inviting many people,this Shyamala(Matangi Navratris) are bit different. This is the most convenient time for us to engage in our own sadhana and obtain fruitful results.that is why these are called as gupt navratri. And also,this Navratris bestows upon us the grace of goddess shyamala devi(Matangi Devi), and provides us with strength to cross over ups and downs in our lives.

Who is Goddess Shyamala Devi/Matangi?

Shyamaladevi is also known as Mantrini Devi because of this. In Dasha Maha Vidya, this mother is known as Matangi. Goddess Matangi is regarded as the 9th of the significant Dasa (ten) Mahavidhyas (Goddesses of Wisdom). In Lalitha Sahasranaman also starting from Sampatkari samarudha. there are four powers are described there: Sampatkari devi,Ashwarudha devi,varahi devi.When Lalitha devi was going to war against Bhandasura she was surrounded by four devathas(goddess) on four sides.That was described as “Gheyachakra radha ruda mantrini parisevitha…”In this sahasranaman line that Goddess Mantrini is only Shyamala Devi also called as Matangi Devatha. Worshiping shyamala devi is called as shyamala Navratri.

Benefits of worshiping of Shyamala Devi Navratris:

There are many benefits of worshiping Shyamala (in Magha Gupta Navratri ) devi like given below:

She gives us amazing talking and learning skills.If children or elders who wants to learn something observe Shyamala navratri,they would easily be able to learn that knowledge also one will get more memory power.

Those who are seeking jobs or looking for promotions would easily obtain them by worshiping Shyamala Devi.

Worshiping Shayamala Devi would bestow one with Power to attract people (Jana Vasheekarana Shakti-Vasheekaranam means you will be able to keep hundreds or thousands of people spellbound your talk.If we make a will for some good work immediately thousands of people would come to give us help and get that work completed this is another type of power of attract.)

If there is no comparability between a husband and wife Shyamala devi would make both of them attract to each other always.

Why is she called as Mathangi devi?
Himavantha’s friend Matanga Maharshi For many years, he has idolised Shyamala, and his wish for Shyamala to become his daughter has come true. According to Matanga’s desires, Shyamala was born as Matanga’s daughter and was given the name Matangi Devi. Godess Shyamala is also known as Geya Chakra Vasini, Laghu Shyamala, Vagvadhini Shyamala, Nakula Shyamala, Hasanti Shyamala, Sarvasiddhi Matangi, Vasya Matangi, Sarika Shyamala, Shuka Shyamala, Raja Matangi, and Sarika Shyamala.

How to Pray Shyamala Devi:

Puja process of Gupt Navratri:

Akhand jyot is ignited in this puja. Goddess is worshipped both during day and evening time. The people who perform secret sadhna, worships the 10 forms of goddess during this time. Durga saptashati path is recited for 9 days. On the day of ashtami or navami, the fast is considered complete only after worshiping young girls.This is only done by people who have a tradition.If anyone wants blessings of goddess also can be do like below

(The people who wants blessings of mother goddess and cant’t do these Navratris kalash puja, fasting all these things can pray mother with healthfully and chant Shyamala Sahasranaman and Shyamala Dandakam,Hrudaya Stotra, Kavacha Stotra, another way chant easiest stotra from Sharada Tilakam tantra shasra given below link ).

Those who can’t chant above stotras can chant 16 Names(shodasha Naman) given below:

1.Sangeeta Yogini 2. Shyama 3. Shyamala 4. Mantra Nayaka 5. Mantrini 6. Sachiveshi 7. Pradhaneshi 8. Shuka Priya 9. Veena Vati 10. Vainiki 11. Mudrini 12. Priyaka Priya 13 Neepa Priya 14. Kadambeshi 15. Kadamba Vanavasini 16. Sadamala

Shyamala Navaratri Dates and Tithi time:

On Wednesday, February 2nd, Shyamala Navratri begins and continues on Thursday, February 10th.

Day-1 Puja: Laghu Shyamala
Date : 2nd February 2022 Wednesday

Tithi: Magha Sukla Pratipada

Tithi Time: Jan 02, 3:42 AM – Jan 03, 12:03 AM

Day-2 Puja: Vagvadini Shyamala
Dat:e: 3rd February 2022 Thursday

Tithi: Magha Sukla Dwitiya

Tithi Time: Feb 02, 8:31 am – Feb 03, 6:16 am

Day-3 Puja: Nakuli Shyamala
Dat:e: 4th February 2022 Friday

Tithi: Magha Sukla Tritiya

Tithi Time: Feb 03, 6:16 am – Feb 04, 4:38 am

Day-4 Puja: Hasanti Shyamala
Date: 5th February 2022 Saturday

Tithi: Magha Sukla Chavithi

Tithi Time: Feb 04, 4:38 am – Feb 05, 3:47 am

Day-5 Puja: Sarvasiddhi Matangi
Date: 6th February 2022 Sunday

Tithi: Magha Sukla Panchami

Tithi Time: Feb 05, 3:47 am – Feb 06, 3:47 am

Day-6 Puja: Vasya Matangi
Date: 7th February 2022 Monday

Tithi: Magha Sukla Shashti

Tithi Time: Feb 06, 3:47 am – Feb 07, 4:38 am

Day-7 Puja: Sarika Shyamala
Date: 8th February 2022 Tuesday

Tithi: Magha Sukla Sapthami

Tithi Time: Feb 07, 4:38 am – Feb 08, 6:16 am

Day-8 Puja: Suka Shyamala
Date: 9th February 2022 Wednesday

Tithi: Magha Sukla Ashtami

Tithi Time: Feb 08, 6:16 am – Feb 09, 8:31 am

Day-9 Puja: Raja Matangi
Date: 10th February 2022 Thursday

Tithi: Magha Sukla Navami

Tithi Time: Feb 09, 8:31 am – Feb 10, 11:08 am

Shyamala /Magha Gupta Navaratri /Mathangi Navaratri Dates 2023:

Navratri Day 1:
22nd January 2023 Sunday Pratipada
Ghatasthapana, Shailputri Puja

Navratri Day 2:
23rd January 2023 Monday Dwitiya
Brahmacharini Puja

Navratri Day 3:
24th January 2023 Tuesday Tritiya
Chandraghanta Puja

Navratri Day 4:
25th January 2023 Wednesday Chaturthi
Kushmanda Puja

Navratri Day 5:
26th January 2023Thursday Panchami
Skandamata Puja

Navratri Day 6:
27th January 2023 Friday Shashthi
Katyayani Puja

Navratri Day 7:
28th January 2023 Saturday Saptami
Kalaratri Puja

Navratri Day 8:
29th January 2023 Sunday Ashtami
Durga Ashtami, Mahagauri Puja

Sandhi Puja:
Sandhi Puja begins at 11:11 AM
S andhi Puja ends at 11:59 AM

Navratri Day 9:
30th January 2023 Monday Navami
Siddhidatri Puja, Navratri Parana