Sarva Shukla Saraswati Mantras

Sarva Shukla Saraswati Mantras visit
Sarva Shukla Saraswati Mantras

Soundarya Lahari has 3 important Slokas that have Saraswathi Mantras and Beejaksharas  incorporated in them. These 3 are called Sarva Shukla Saraswati Mantras.

The Soundarya Lahari is not only a poem. It is a tantra textbook, giving instructions on puja and offerings, many yantras, almost one to each shloka; describes tantric ways of performing devotion connected to each specific shloka; and details the results ensuing.

Soundarya Lahari meaning waves of beauty consists of two parts viz. Ananda Lahari meaning waves of happiness (first 41 stanzas) and Soundarya Lahari (the next 59 stanzas). It is believed that Lord Ganesha himself has etched the Ananda Lahari on Mount Meru (Some people believe that Sage Pushpa Dhantha did the etching). It was read from there by Sage Goudapada who taught it to Adi Sankara. Adi Sankara himself added the rest of the 59 stanzas and completed it.

These 100 stanzas are supposed to be the foremost among Mantra literature. It is also believed that by Making suitable Yantras and reciting particular stanzas and worshipping the yantras almost anything can be obtained in the world .There are more thn 36 commentaries to Soundarya Lahari written in Sanskrit itself. Of them the most famous is that written by Lakshmi Dhara alias Lalla, His commentary is used to understand the meaning of the different verses.

Though there are large number of translations and commentaries of Soundarya Lahari available this is perhaps the first time an attempt is made by a mere novice to translate them in to English verse. The aim is to bring to the notice of the devotes who know English better than other languages , the majesty of the medium of worship called Soundarya Lahari. A transliteration in roman script is also given. May all those who read this be drenched forever by this “Wave of happiness”.

Sarva Shukla Saraswati Mantras:

Sarva Shukla Saraswati Mantras Soundarya lahari 15 sloka yantra visit
Sarva Shukla Saraswati Mantras Soundarya lahari 15 sloka yantra

Soundarya Lahari Miracles-Mantra for Education:

Soundarya Lahari 15th Verse and Yantra:

Saraj-jyotsna-shuddham sasi-yuta-jata-juta-makutam
Vara-traasa-traana-sphatika-ghutika-pustaka karaam;
Sakrn na thva nathva katham iva sathaam sannidadhate
Madhu-kshira-drakhsa-madhurima-dhurinah phanitayah.

(soundarya lahari sloka 15 -Ability to write poems and ability to become scholar)

శరజ్జ్యోత్స్నా శుద్ధాం శశియుత-జటాజూట-మకుటాం
వర-త్రాసత్రాణ స్ఫటికఘుటికా-పుస్తక-కరాం
సకృన్న త్వా నత్వా కథమివ సతాం సన్నిదధతే
మధు-క్షీర-ద్రాక్షా- మధురిమ-ధురీణాః ఫణితయః॥ 15॥


Sweetest words rivaling the honey, milk and grapes,

Can only Come to the thoughts of the devotee,

Who once meditates on your face,

Which is like the white autumn moon,

On your head with a crown with the crescent moon and flowing hair,

And hands that shower boons and give protection,

Which hold the crystal chain of beads and books.

How can torrents of words, excelling even honey, milk and grapes, help flowing from the mouth of good men who once make prostration to Thee who art endowed with the lustre of the autumnal moon, who art holding Thy hands in the pose of granting boons and offering protection, and sporting in the other two a rosary of crystal beads and a book, and who wearest the crescent moon in Thy crown of plaited locks.

Mode of worship: Yantra to be made on gold plate or in water placed in a siver vessel. With any liquid, Yantra can be made by squeezing the same from a cloth soaked with that liquid. Sit facing East. Chant this sloka 1000 times daily for 45(48) days.

Offerings for Goddess: Cooked rice, honey, sugar and fruits.

Deity of this Sloka : Shri Kaameshi Devi

Archana: Chanting of Saraswathi Ashtotharam offering white flowers and Lalitha Ashtotharam offering red flowers.

Benefits of 15th Mantra in Soundarya Lahari: Getting poetic imagination and enlightenment.

Literal Results: Attaining wisdom over disturbing issues. Enjoying sweet foods. Creative intellect gets enhanced, elevation in academics.

Soundarya Lahari 16th verse and Yantra:

Soundarya Lahari 16th verse and Yantra visit
Soundarya Lahari 16th verse and Yantra

Kavindranam chetah-kamala-vana-baal’atapa-ruchim
Bhajante ye santah katichid arunameva bhavatim;
Virinchi-preyasyas tarunatara sringara-lahari-
Gabhirabhi vagbhir vidadhati satam ranjanamami.

(Mastery of Vedas)కవీంద్రాణాం చేతఃకమలవనబాలాతపరుచిం
భజంతే యే సంతః కతిచిదరుణామేవ భవతీం ।
గభీరాభిర్వాగ్భిర్విదధతి సతాం రంజనమమీ ॥ 16 ॥


She who is the purple luster of the dawn,

To the lotus forest like mind,

Of the kings of poets of the world,

And thus called Aruna-the purple coloured one,

Creates happiness in the mind of the holy,

With tender passionate wave of words ,

(Of Sarswathi the darling of Brahma,)

Which are royal and youthful.

O Mother, Thou Aruna, the crimson-coloured Goddess, art like the light of morning’s rising sun to the lotus flowers constituted of the minds of gifted poets (helping as Thou dost, their poesy to blossom forth). Therefore, those devoted men who adore Thee become capable of delighting the minds of assemblies of literary connoisseurs with the majestic flow of their words surging like waves of erotic sentiments emanating from youthful Saraswathi; the Goddess of Learning.

Deity of this Sloka : Shri Bhoo Devi

How to Worship: Yantra to be made on gold or copper plate. Sit facing North-East. Chant this sloka 1008 (1000) times daily for 44 (45,41) days.

Archana: Chanting of Saraswathi Ashtotharam and Lalitha Thrishati offering jasmine or white flowers.

Offerings: Cooked rice, curd, milk, honey and fruits.

Benefits of Soundarya Lahari Mantra 16 Number : Erudition, knowledge of Vedas and Shastras, knowledge of various languages and immunity from evil effects of spirits.

Hidden secrets behind Mantra : 

Winning in debates, enticing public through dynamic oratory, capable of emerging victorious in extremely difficult subjects or higher studies and attaining top grades. Highly suited for people in the field of politics and law.

Soundarya Lahari 17th Verse and Yantra:

Soundarya Lahari 17th Verse and Yantra  Sarva Shukla Saraswathi mantras
Soundarya Lahari 17th Verse and Yantra

Savitribhir vacham Chasi-mani-sila-bhanga-rucibhir
Vasiny’adyabhis tvam saha janani samchintayati yah;
Sa karta kavyanam bhavati mahatam bhangi-rucibhih
Vacobhi vagdevi-vadana-kamal’amoda madhuraii.. (mastery over words, Knowledge of science)

సవిత్రీభిర్వాచాం శశిమణిశిలాభంగరుచిభిః
వశిన్యాద్యాభిస్త్వాం సహ జనని సంచింతయతి యః ।
స కర్తా కావ్యానాం భవతి మహతాం భంగిరుచిభిః
వచోభిర్వాగ్దేవీవదనకమలామోదమధురైః ॥ 17 ॥


Oh, mother holy,

He who worships you,

Along with the goddess like Vasini,

Who are the prime source of words,

And you who are having the great luster,

Got by breaking the moon stone,

Becomes the author of great epics,

Which shine like those written by great ones,

And which have the sweet scent

Of the face of the goddess of knowledge

O Mother! Those who meditate on Thee in association with Vashini and allied deities- who are all the sources of speech and whose radiance resembles the lustre of freshly cut moonstone-can become the authors of poetical works as delightful as those of great ones, and sweet with the fragrance of the mouth of Saraswathi, Goddess of poesy and learning.

savitri bhir vacam – those word-bearing elements

sasi mani silabhanga ruci bhih – of broken moonstone lustre

vasin yadya bhih – with her word Vashinis

tvam saha – as associated with you

janani – o mother

sancintayati – yah – he thus able to contemplate

saha – he

karta kavyanam – the author of (great) poetic works

bhavati – he becomes

mahatam – great (poetic works – above)

bhangiruci bhihi – of scintillating sweetness

vaco bhih – by words

vak devi vadana kamala moda madhuraih – adding sweet charm to the lotus face of the Goddess of the Word

How to worship: Yantra to be made on gold or copper plate. Sit facing North-East. Chant this sloka 1008 (1000) times daily for 44 (45, 41) days.

Archana: Chanting of Laitha Thrishati and Saraswathi Ashtotharam offering white or jasmine flowers.

Offerings:Cooked rice mixed with curd, milk, fruits and honey.

Benefits: Gives erudition, knowledge of Vedas, Shastras and different languages. Immunity from effects of evil spirits.

Hidden secrets behind Mantras: Magnetic personality and speech. Radiance adding luster to complexion.

Most asked FAQs:

Can ‘elevation in academics’ be gained if done without yantra? What will be the results if done that way?

Yantra installation and puja are not necessary and not allowed for non-Srividya Upasakas. To do yantra puja, one must be initiated by a recognized Srividya Upasaka or spiritual Guru. Mantra chanting (minimum of 11 times everyday to 108 times) will yield very good results.


As noted in the Introduction, certain sounds in Sanskrit do not exist in English – the “sh” sound in “Shiva”, Vashini” etc. is one of them.  It is somewhere between “s” and “sh” in English and appears as both of these in the original manuscripts.