TTD Kalyanotsavam Seva

TTD Kalyanotsavam Seva Details
TTD Kalyanotsavam Seva Details

Kalyanotsavam or Kalyanam Arjitha Seva is performed daily for Sri Malayappa Swamy, Sri Devi and Bhu Devi. Performed with Different types of flowers, decorated with jewelry as per traditional rules. This seva will start at 11:00 AM in Srivari Kalyanamandapam in Tirumala Temple.

The practice of kalyana Utsavam started in 1536 AD when Tallapaka Tirumala Ayyangar got the idea of celebrating the marriage festival of Loard Malayappa Swami and the ceremony was conducted over five days in the Tirumamani mandapam in the main temple premises.

This Kaynana Utsavam is not performed on important festivals like Srivari Brahmotsavam,Pavitrotsavam,Pushpayaganam and on the days of solar and lunar eclipes.The duration of the seva is about one hour.

Kalyanostavam Seva In Tirumala Tirupathi Deavasthanam:
This is one of the unique sorts of day by day Sevas in Tirumala Tirupati, where couples are permitted to perform the marriage of Lord Venkateswara to Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Padmavathi.Kalyanostavam Tirumala, marks the hour-long divine wedding custom performed agreeing Vaikasa Agama Sastra for the Utsava Murthis of the Lord alongside His consorts Sri Devi and Bhu Devi in the Kalyana Mandapam.

This custom is performed by according to our Sastras called Vaikhanasa Agama. As per this sastra, there are 7 phases for performing kalyanostavam.

  • Agni Pratista.
  • Vastra Samarpana.
  • Maha Sankalpam.
  • Kanyadhanam.
  • Mangalya dharana.
  • Varana Mahiram.
  • Aarti.

Significance of kalyanotsavam seva:
it is the Lord’s saulabhya that we get the immense pleasure to be His parents when we perform the Kalyana utsavam. It is like the bhaagya that Yashoda enjoyed in being the Lord’s own mother in Krishna avatara. In the Srinivasa Kalyana Mahatmyam, it is said that Yashoda wanted to witness the Lord’s wedding, an opportunity she never had in Krishna Avatara. In effect, she engineered Lord Srinivasa’s wedding to Padmavati and had the opportunity to witness this blissful event. Such is the pleasure of performing or witnessing the Kalyana Utsavam.

As with any ritual, the variety of acts provide a wide canvas for the mind to rest. Our attention is rivetted on the Lord and His consort for the entire duration of the Kalyana utsavam. It enables the mind to develop single-pointedness (ekaagratha). A prepared mind becomes the right vehicle to absorb the teaching (gnyaana) and attain realization (moksha).

Every ritual provides an opportunity to fine-tune the mind for later gnyaana. The kalyana utsavam provides this benefit- a prepared mind, a key prequisite for gnyaana and the resultant fruit of moksha.

Story Behind Kalyanotsavam Seva:
The rishis headed by Kasyapa began to perform a sacrifice on the banks of the Gangas.Sage Narada visited them and asked them why they were performing the sacrifice and who would be pleased by it.Not being able to answer the question,the rishis approached Sage Bhrigu.To reach a solution after a direct ascertainment of reality.
Bhrigu first went to Satyaloka,the adobe of Lord Brahma.At Satyloka,he found Lord Bramhma,reciting the four Vedas in praise of Lord Narayana,with each of his four heads,and attend upon by Saraswati.Lord Brahma did not take notice of Bhrigu offering obeisance. Concluding that Lord Brahma was unfit for worship, Bhrigu left Satyaloka for Kailasa, the abode of Lord Shiva.

After the flight of the spiritualist, Vakuladevi touched base at the castle, and was taken by the maidservants to the Queen.She educated the Queen that she had gone ahead benefit Lord Srinivasa to ask for the hand of Padmavati in marriage.Having counseled Brihaspati and got notification from his Queen about the forecast of the crystal gazer and the landing of the errand person from Srinivasa, Akasa Raja chose to hand his little girl in marriage to Srinivasa.He requested that the royal residence purohits settle a muhurtam for the marriage.Akasa Raja educated his pastors and different authorities of his designs. Promptly, a letter was drafted asking for Srinivasa to come and marry the Princess.

Kalyanotsavam Seva Starting Timings:

Kalyanotsavam Seva Starting Time: 12:00 pm
If the devotee is reaching on time then Upper Cloth and Blouse piece will be given to the devotees. For the late reporting devotees, it can be collected while collecting Laddu Prasadam.

TTD Kalyanotsavam timings: 10:30 am to 2:00 pm
Mangalya Dharana will be performed at 12:38 pm
Seva Place Location: Kalyanotsavam Mandapam inside the temple.

Dress code:

Please wear traditional Dress code only given below.
Men: White Pancha, Dhoti. (Must remove Shirt and Vest till you complete Darshan). Dhoti is Mandatory. Advisable to wear Upper Cloth)
Female: Saree with blouse/ Punjabi Dress with Dupatta / Chudidhar with Dupatta/ Half Saree.

After Seva, the devotees are allowed in a queue line. Askhinthalu (Rice mixed with turmeric) and the priest will offer the blessings to the couples.

Senior Citizens who can sit on the floor can sit on the Pedestal available on the right and left side of the Mandapam. The devotees are allowed to have Darshan and Darshan line starts near Dwajasthambham.

Reporting Place:

You will need to enter the complex from Supatham (South Mada Street).
Reporting after 11 am results in joining with Unjal Seva devotees Seva Line.
You are good to join even if it is 12:15 pm. Kalyanotsavam gates remain open till 12:45 pm.
Staff used to offer Akshinthalu seeking money at the end of the Seva. Don’t fall prey to them. As Akshinthalu is offered at free of cost after Seva.
The broadcasting delay is 5 secs so don’t plan your seating expecting TV telecast in the Mandapam.

Since each ticket entitles 2-adults to perform the seva, for 5-persons you will need 3-tickets. However, if any of the member of your group is an unmarried lady below 18-years of age, she will be permitted to enter alongwith you, upon buying a ticket at the entrance (Spot-booking).
Ideally you will be out of the complex by 13:30 – 14:00 hrs after the darshan. The Prasadam will be handed over to you in the temple complex at the special counter. This counter is located beyond the counters for free prasadam, which is handed over to all pilgrims after the darshan.
Please ensure that you attend the seva in traditional attire .. Dhoti & Upper (no shorts or vests) for gents and for ladies saree is must.

The online booking for this seva opens 60 days in advance at 09:00 hrs. Since the number of tickets is limited, it is advisable that the ticket is booked on the opening day itselg. Per e-mail id, you will be able to book only one ticket for 2-persons. Therefore, if your group is large, you will need multiple ids.
And also go through current booking process at CRO Office Tirumala or by submitting recommendation letter at J.E.O Camp Office Tirumala.

Steps for Booking Kalyanotsavam in Tirumala Tirupati:
Click Srivari Seva, Tirumala under Seva. (To Book Tickets Click here)
Then on the Next Page select the Kalyanotsavam you want to book.
There will be Visesha Pooja, Kalyanotsavam, Vasanthotsavam, Unjal Seva, Sahasra Deepalankara Seva and Arjitha Brahmotsavom.
Click on the Kalyanotsavam Seva.

Check Other Sevas:

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Important Information to the Devotees:

  • The reporting point for availing Seva is at VQC-1, Tirumala.
  • At the time of entry, the pilgrim shall produce the same original Photo ID used during booking. Age proof should be produced for children below 12 years to gain entry free of cost.
  • The pilgrims must and should wear Traditional Dress only.
  • Male: Dhoti, Shirt.Female: Saree / Half Saree / Chudidar with Dupatta.
  • Entry with chappals/shoes is strictly not permitted into the queue lines, mada streets and Temple.
  • The pilgrims should not carry any luggage/ cell phones/ electronic gadgets while reporting.
  • All the Pilgrims in group tickets have to report together.
  • All bookings are FINAL: Postponement/ advancement/ cancellation/ refund is not allowed.
  • TTD reserves the right of cancellation of the Seva under any Special Circumstances.
  • Please contact our 24/7 help desk for queries at 1 800 425 333333 and 1 800 425 4141.


What is the cost of Kalyanotsavam in Tirupati?
Kalyanotsavam Ticket Cost: TTD Tirumala Kalyanotsavam cost of the ticket is around Rs 1000/- and only 2 persons (Couples) are allowed per ticket. newly married couple submit their wedding card as proof. along with tickets, the devotee can get two Free laddus, prasadam will be given at the time of issuing tickets.

How can I get TTD tickets in Kalyanotsavam?

Follow the above steps for booking tickets.

Is Kalyanotsavam happening in Tirumala?
Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) has decided to take the Nitya Srivari Kalyanotsavam at the Tirumala temple online with the ceremony scheduled to be performed on a virtual platform, with devotee participation.

How many Kalyanotsavam tickets can be booked?
Per login only one ticket can be booked with in 180 days. Newly married couple will generally perform Kalyanotsava Seva immediately after marriage.