Varahi Dwadasa Nama Stotram 12 Names of Varahi

Varahi Dwadasa Nama Stotram 12 Names of Varahi Visit
Varahi Dwadasa Nama Stotram 12 Names of Varahi

Varahi Dwadasa Nama Stotram 12 Names of Varahi

Who is Varahi? and Benefits of praying Goddess Varahi:

As shri lalita maha tripurasundari proceeded with her yogini army to wipe out bhandasura and his supporters there arose a loud yuddha ghosha ( war cry ) from her side. The gods praised shri devi’s commander first, shri  Dandhanatha, who was proceeding in her yantra chariot – ‘kiri cakra’, with twelve names. 

Sri Varahi Devi got down from her ‘Kiri Chakra’ chariot and ascended a lion  ‘Vajraghosha’. That lion had a truly scary appearance. It had ruffled hair, a widely opened mouth and crooked eyes. The sound it made from its teeth seemed to deafen all the directions. Its claws had sharp nails that resembled the sharp teeth of Sri Kurma Vishnu. The nails were long enough to penetrate the earth and reach the nether worlds. Its tail had a length of three Yojanas. Sri Varahi rode on this lion. Completely prepared to slay the demons, as Sri Varahi proceeded with anger, the entire world composed of both inanimate and animate creation, was filled with great distress.

The Devas thought fearfully, ‘Oh! This goddess may burn the universe into ashes. Or she may split the earth into two halves with her weapon named ‘Musala’. Or she may disturb the seven great oceans using her weapon named ‘Hala’ (plough)’. Thinking thus, the celestials were shivering with fear and were staring at Sri Varahi. 

They were repeatedly chanting her twelve sacred names. Agastya muni asked Lord Hayagreeva, “O great Lord! Please tell me those twelve names of Sri Varahi, that the celestials used to praise Her”. Hayagriva continued his narration, O Agastya hear those twelve names. By merely hearing these names, the great goddess Varahi shall become pleased.Chant these Sri Varahi Devi kavacham for protect your self and Ashadha Gupta Navratri Mantra and Varahi Sahasranamam 1000 Names of Goddess Varahi 

Varahi Dwadasa Nama Stotram in Sanskrit/Devanagari:

अस्य श्री वाराही दवादश नाम स्तोत्रस्य 

अश्वानन ऋषि:

अनुष्टुप् छंद:

श्री वाराही देवता 

श्री वाराहि प्रसाद सिद्धिद्वार सर्व सङकट हरण जपे विनियोग:

पञ्चमी दन्डनाथा च सङ्केता समयेश्वरी |

तथा समयसङ्केता वाराही पोत्रिणी शिवा ||

वार्ताली च महासेना~प्याज्ञाचक्रेश्वरी तथा |

अरिघ्नी चेति संप्रोक्तं नाम द्वादशकं मुने ||

नाम द्वादशधाभिक्ज्ञ वज्र पञ्जर मध्यग: |

सङकटे दु:खमाप्नोति न कदाचन मानव: ||

तत् सत् 

Panchami the fifth:

The Deities Brahma,Narayana,Rudra,Eeshwara and sadaasiva are the five powers in charge of five acts-Creation,protection,Destruction,Dissolution and regeneration respectively.Of these pancha Brahmas,the fifth among them is Sadashiva “Paniamasya Brahmanah-Sadashiva stri,Panchani”.This means the consort of the fifth Brahma is panchami ,who is none other than varahi.

She is called “Kaivalyarupini” because she is non-different from kaivalya.Th five kinds of Muktis are the salokya,the samipya,the Sarupya,the Sayujya and Kaivalya.The final Mukti is kaivalya and varahi is the bestower or Kaivalya.

Varahi Dwadasa Nama Stotram in English:

Asya sri varahi Varahi Dwadasa Nama Stotrasya

Ashwanan rishihi:


Sri varahi Devatha 

Sri varahi prasad siddhi dwara sarv sankat haran jape viniyogah:

Panchami dandanatha cha sanketa samayeswari|

Tatha samaya-sanketa varahi potrini siva||

varthaleei cha mahasona Agnachakreshwari thatha|

Arighni cheti samproktam nama dwadashak mano||

Nam Dwadashdhabhigna vajra panjara madhyagah:|

sankate dhukhamapnoti na kadachan manavah:||

iti Varahi dwadasanama stotram sampurnam||

12 Names of Goddess Varahi from Brahmanda Purana:

1) Panchami

2) Dandhanatha

3) Sangyetha

4) samayeshwari

5) samaya sangyetha

6) varahi 

7) pothrini

8) shivaa

9) Varthali

10) mahasena

11) Agnachakreshwari

12) Arigni

A man, who remains protected in the diamond-cage(Vajra-panjaram) composed of these twelve names, shall never become unhappy, even during the most difficult of times. Thus, with these names the celestial s stood in the sky and praised Sri Varahi Devi.

Meanings of twelve Names of Varahi:

1) Panchami:

The Fifth ,she is the fifth of the eight matruka devis,also she is the power behind sadashiva the fifth karanrsvara as his anugraha sakthi. 

2) Dandhanatha:

Commander in chief of the armed forces of sri Lalitha Devi.And who has stick in her hand.

3) Sanketha:

Secret Coded,Hinted (She will guide you with her hints(she will give you Sanket)) and in army are secret codes. She is symbol of shakti.

4) Samayeshwari:

goddess of the path where there are rules and restrictions. She is the ruler of time/kaal(she is the form of narayani ,Kali),time is in her hand .She will rule the time/Kaal.

5) Samaya sanketha:

Varahi Devi is in the form of Kala(time) swaroopini kali devi.(samayaniki समय का-time ka sanketha-Symbol).Secret code in the puja path.Since pooja is the sadhana and battle personified we have to understand the meaning and the philosophy behind every act in the pooja ,she confers on us this understanding.

6) Varahi:

Varaha shakti swaroopam,Varahi.The divine power behind Varaha avatar of sri Vishnu. female form of varaha skakti. The One who’s face is like varaah swami.

7) Pothrini:

She is worshiping in the form of Varaha shakti. The Name which is Glorifying the power of  Varah. who has Boar faced power.Since boar has an ability to float and swim in waters ,she has the ability to keep her devotees afloat and steer them in the world.

8) Shivaa:

Ever auspicious.Since devi is ever pure awareness she is ever auspicious.She is the Crystal clear,pure and auspicious Lord shiva. She is sakti,who is none other than siva. She is simply the ocean o pure consciousness.

9) Varthali:

Threkaal gyani. She will carry Three times information to us.

10) mahasena:

She is the commander in chief of all the armed forces of sri Lalitha Maha tripura Sundari. She has all the resources at her disposal to ensure the defeat and subjugation of all negative energies(forces) that impact us.She ensures our well being in all aspects physical,material and spiritual.

The body with flesh,bones,blood are her armies so maintaining this body in good condition which is the boon of this devi is indicated here.

11) Agnachakreshwari:

She is the ruler of the third eye pineal gland Ajna chakra(Mid eyebrow) which is the sixth and final among the six chakras(ShadChakras) and is the one that illumines us with the knowledge of the self.This chakra alone can also activate all the below chakras and ensure the proper progress of kundalini. As the overlord of this chakra,she alone can guide and take us to the sahasrara to ensure the rise of the kundalini to its pinnacle(Shiva Shakti aikya)

12) Arigni:

Remover of enemies and upholder of rules.She is the dispeller of all negative forces and enemies.The enemies can be external or internal or both. She dispels all the negative karma and removes enmity in all its forms,with whatever means at her discretion.She will help us rise above material concerns and take us to the timeless and limitless spiritual realms.

Chant Other Varahi Devi Stotras and Mantras Sri Varahi Devi kavacham and Vasya Varahi Stotram,Kirata Varahi Stotram,Swapna Varahi Mantra and Benefitsand Varahi Sahasranamam 1000 Names of Goddess Varahi ,Varahamuki Stavam-Varahyanugraha Ashtakam

Devi Varahi Mantra:

Mantra to the consort of Lord Varaha for ridding oneself of negativity.

Om shreem hreem kleem dhum
jwaalaa jwaalaa
shulini asya yajamaanasya
sarva shatroon samhara samhara
kshema laabham kuru kuru
dushta graham
hum phat svaha

12 Names of Goddess Varahi from Brahmanda Purana in Telugu:

శ్రీ వారాహీ ద్వాదశ నామ స్తోత్రం:

అస్య శ్రీవారాహీ ద్వాదశ నామ స్తోత్రస్య అశ్వానన ఋషిః |
అనుష్టుప్ఛందః | శ్రీవారాహీ దేవతా |
శ్రీవారాహి ప్రసాద సిద్ధ్యర్థం |
సర్వ సంకట హరణ జపే వినియోగః ||

పంచమీ దండనాథా చ సంకేతా సమయేశ్వరీ |
తథా సమయసంకేతా వారాహీ పోత్రిణీ శివా || 1 ||

వార్తాలీ చ మహాసేనాఽఽజ్ఞాచక్రేశ్వరీ తథా |
అరిఘ్నీ చేతి సంప్రోక్తం నామ ద్వాదశకం మునే || 2 ||

నామ ద్వాదశధాభిజ్ఞ వజ్రపంజరమధ్యగః |
సఙకటే దుఃఖమాప్నోతి న కదాచన మానవః || 3 ||

ఇతి శ్రీ వారాహీ ద్వాదశనామ స్తోత్రం సంపూర్ణం ||