C Section Muhurat Auspicious Dates Cesarean

C Section Muhurat - Auspicious Dates and Time for Cesarean Delivery-Good Day for Baby Birth Visit www.stotraveda.com
C Section Muhurat – Auspicious Dates and Time for Cesarean Delivery

C Section Muhurat – Auspicious Dates and Time for Cesarean Delivery-Good Day for Baby Birth

Now a days birth time is very important. Every parent hopes their child to be born in an auspicious day and will get success in life and achieve goal in life and make a name for him and the family. So most of the parents preferring C Section Muhurat. 

If a Muhurat Baby gives your child an opportunity to have a better life, be it good health, a happy marriage, a successful life or most importantly spiritual growth, then why not? We are solving your problem.Schedule an auspicious date for cesarean delivery dates are given below month wise. Check here shubh muhurat for child birth-best date to give birth-shubh muhurat for baby birth-good day for baby birth-shubh muhurat for cesarean delivery-auspicious nakshatra for childbirth.

Thousands of years ago,Indian sages discover the auspicious time to conceive a child according to astrology and vedic discipline.

based on this that the child will have a bright future good luck and healthy life.In the markandeyapurana Madalasa said to her Son Vikrant for planning of childbirth that parents should avoid the first four days of mensuration for intercourse.This intercourse done in some specific even or odd nights.The same was said in the shrimadDevi Bhagavatham by goddess Devi.

According to Indian sages and astrology parents should these rules if these below rules have conjunction with these even or odd nights.because good conjunctions of nakshtra,thithi days make it safe and easy and it will be good for child also. These rules apply for for both boy and baby girl.It can be planned according.

Best Intercourse time for pregnancy|best muhurat for conceiving| best month to conceive according to astrology :

5th night-Ordinary Baby6th night-Ordinary child(Boy)
7th night-Ordinary Baby  8th night-ordinary child
9th night-prospered Baby10th night-Prospered child
11th night-Ordinary baby12th night-Humble child
13th night-Ordinary Baby14th night-Holly child
15th night-Rich Baby16th night-Genius child

Good Nakshtra for Baby Birth-Most Auspicious Nakshatra for Baby Birth:
According to astrology if intercourse nights have conjunctions with these auspicious nakshatra.
Rohini,Margshir,purvafalguni,purvashada, purvabhadrapad, Aarudra,Punarvasu, Pushyami,Hasta, Chitra, Swaati, Anuradha, Sharvan, Ghanishatha, Sathabisha, Uttarafalguni, Uttarashada, Uttarbhadrapada

Good Days for Child Birth-Good Day for Baby Birth:
These days said to be good for conceiving a child,if above nakshatras are having with these days.
Monday,Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Best Thithi time for Baby birth:
Dvitiya, Tritiya, Panchami,Saptami,Dashami, Dwadashi, Tryodashi

Avoided Thithi for conceiving Baby according to the Astrology:
Some Thithis are consider avoided/Nishidd/not good for conceiving child.So better avoid these Thithis
Chaturthi, Astami, Navami,Chaturdashi, Pournima and Amavasya

Days and time should be avoided for conceiving:
These days given below assumes not good for pregnancy. According to astrology.
Tuesdays, Saturday, Sunday

Time Should be avoided for intercourse are:
Bhadra kaal
Sardd Divas
time of afternoon and evening
First four days of menstruation
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Please note that the good date of birth of a baby does not mean that everything will be auspicious. Horoscope etc is prepared after looking into numerous considerations.

Auspicious Dates for Cesarean in January 2024:

Date and DayTime Nakshatra
1 January 20241.20 pm to 1.40 pmChitta
2 January 20241.20 pm to1.40 pmSwathi
6 January 20241.05 pm to 1.25 pmMoola
8 January 20248 amUttarashada
12 January 202412.40 pm to 12.55 pmPorvabhadra
13 January 202412.40 pm to 12.50 pmUttara Porvabhadra
14 January 202412.25 pm to 12.40 pmRevathi
18 January 202412.10 pm to 12.20 pmRohini
22 January 202412.10 pm to 12.20 pmPushyami
23 Jaunary 202411.55 am to 12.05 amAshlesha
24 January 202411.55 am to 12.05 amMakha
29 January 202411.40 am to 11.50 amChitta
30 January 202411.36 am to 11.52 amHasta
January 2024

Auspicious Dates for Cesarean in February 2024:

Date and DayTimeNakshatra
February 02, Friday10.50 am to 11.40 amSwathi
February 10, Saturday10.50 am to 11.10 amDhanista
February 11, Sunday10.50 am to 11.10 amShatabhisha
February 19, Monday10.05 am to 10.23 amMrigashira
February 20, Tuesday9.50 am to 10.10 amArudra
February 21 , Wednesday9.50 am to 10.10 amPunarvasu
February 25, Sunday9.35 am to 9.55 amPubba
February 29, Thursday9.20 am to 9.40 amChitta
February 2024

C Section Muhurat-Auspicious Dates for Cesarean in March 2024:

Date and Day TimeNakshatra
Falgun- Shasti , 1 March 2024 Friday07:17 to 07:57, and 09:22 to 15:07Swathi
2 March 2024 Saturday21:57 to 26:35, and 28:39 to31:15Saptami Nakshatra
3 March 2024 Sunday07:15 to 09:14, 10:49 to 17:20, 19:37 to 26:31, and 28:35 to 31:14Anuradha
4 March 2024 Monday07:14 to 09:10Jyeshta
5 March 2024 Tuesday17:12 to 19:29Moola
6 March 2024 Wednesday07:37 to 10:37, and 12:33 to 19:25Purvashada
7 March 2024 Thursday07:33 to 12:29, 14:44 to 21:38, 23:57 to 30:02Uttarashada
8 March 2024 Friday07:29 to 12:25, and 14:40 to 21:34Dhanishta, Shatabhisha
10 March 2024 Sunday28:08 to 31:06Purvabhadra
11 March 2024 Monday07:18 to 08:42, 10:18 to 16:48, 19:06 to 26:00, and 28:04 to 31:05Uttara Bhadrapada
12 March 2024 Tuesday07:43 to 08:39, 10:14 to 16:44, 19:02 to 28:00, and 29:42 to31:04Revathi
13 March 2024 Wednesday07:10 to10:10, and 12:05 to 16:40Ashwini
14 March 2024 Thursday21:10 to 29:34, and 31:02 to 31:02Bharani
15 March 2024 Friday07:02 to 11:58, 14:12 to 21:06, 23:26 to 29:30, and 30:58 to 31:00Kruthika
16 March 2024 Saturday07:00 to 11:54, and 14:08 to 21:02Rohini
25 March 2024 Monday13:33 to 20:27, 22:46 to 28:51, and 30:19 to 30:49Uttara
26 March 2024 Monday07:44 to 11:14, 13:29 to 20:23, and 22:42 to 30:15Hasta
27 March 2024 Wednesday07:40 to 13:25, 15:45 to 22:38, and 24:57 to 30:11Chitta
29 March 2024 Friday22:31 to 24:45, and 26:53 to 30:44
30 March 2024 Saturday09:03 to 15:34, 17:51 to 24:41, and 26:49 to 30:43Anuradha
31 March 2024 Sunday08:59 to 15:30, and 17:47 to 22:23Jyeshta
Auspicious Dates for Cesarean in March 2024

C Section Muhurat-Auspicious Dates for Cesarean in April 2024:

In April, There Are No Shubh Muhurat

C Section Muhurat-Auspicious Dates for Cesarean in May 2024:

Date and DayStart TimeEnd TimeNakshatra
Vaishakh- Triyodashi 3 May 2023 WednesdayFrom 5:39 am8:56 pmHasta
Jyeshtha- Dwitiya
6 May 2023 Saturday
From 9:13 pm7 May 5:36Anuradha
Jyeshtha- Chaturthi 8 May 2023 TuesdayFrom 12:49 am5:35 amMoola
Jyeshtha- Chaturthi/ Panchami 9 May 2023 TuesdayFrom 5:35 am 5:45 pmMoola
Jyeshtha- Shashti 10 May 2023 WednesdayFrom 4:12 pm11 May 5:33 amUttarashada
Jyeshtha- Shashti 11 May 2023 ThursdayFrom 5:33 am11:27 amUttarashada
Jyeshtha- Ekadashi, Dwadashi 15 May 2023 MondayFrom 9:08 am5:30 pmUttara Bhadrapada
Jyeshtha- Dwadashi, Triyodashi 16 May 2023 TuesdayFrom 5:30 am1:48 of MayUttara Bhadrapada/ Revti
Jyeshtha- Pratipada, Dwitiya 20 May 2023 SaturdayFrom 5:18 pm5:27 amRohini
Jyeshtha- Dwitiya, Tritiya 21 May 2023 SundayFrom 5:27 am to5:27 am of 22 MayRohini/ Mrigasira
Jyeshtha- Tritiya 22 May 2023 Monday From 5:27 am10:37 amMrigashira
Jyeshtha- Navmi, Dashmi 29 May 2023 MondayFrom 5:24 am5:24 am of 30 MayUttara Phalguni
Jyeshtha- Dashmi, Ekadashi 30 May 2023 TuesdayFrom 5:24 am8:55 pmHasta
Auspicious Dates for Cesarean in April 2024

C Section Muhurat-Auspicious Dates for Cesarean in June 2024:

Date and DayStart TimeEnd TimeNakshatra
Jyeshtha- Dwadashi, Tryodashi 1 June 2023 ThursdayFrom 6:48 am 7pmSwati
Jyeshtha- Chaturdashi 3 June 2023 SaturdayFrom 6:16 am11:16 amAnuradha
Ashadh- Dwitiya 5 June 2023 MondayFrom 8:53 am1:30 am of 6 JuneMoola
Ashadh- Chaturthi 6 June 2023 TuesdayFrom 12:50 am5:23 am of 7 JuneUttarshana
Ashadh- Chaturthi 7 June 2023 WednesdayFrom 5:30 am9:02 pmUttarshana
Ashadh- Navmi 11 June 2023 SundayFrom 2:32 pm5:23 am on 12 JuneUttara Bhadrapada
Ashadh- Navmi/ Dashmi 12 June 2023 MondayFrom 5:23 am9:58 amUttara Bhadrapada / Revati
Ashadh- Panchmi, Shashti 23 June 2023 FridayFrom 11:03 am5:24 am of 24 JuneMagha
Ashadh- Ashtami, Navmi 26 June 2023 MondayFrom 1:19 pm5:25 amHasta
Auspicious Dates for Cesarean in June 2024

C Section Muhurat-Auspicious Dates for Cesarean in July 2024:

In July, There Are No Shubh Muhurat

C Section Muhurat-Auspicious Dates for Cesarean in August 2024:

In August, There Are No Shubh Muhurat

C Section Muhurat-Auspicious Dates for Cesarean in September 2024:

In September, There Are No Shubh Muhurat

C Section Muhurat-Auspicious Dates for Cesarean in October 2024:

In October, There Are No Shubh Muhurat

C Section Muhurat-Auspicious Dates for Cesarean in November 2024:

Date and DayStart TimeEnd TimeNakshatra
Kartik- Dwadashi 23 November 2023 ThursdayFrom 9:01 pm6:51 am of 24 NovemberRevti
Kartik- Purnima, Pratipada 27 November 2023 MondayFrom 1:35 pm6:54 amRohini
Margshirsh- Pratipada- Dwitiya 28 November 2023 TuesdayFrom 6:54 am6: 54 am of 29 NovemberRohini, Mrigashira
Margashirsha- Dwitiya 29 November 2023 WednesdayFrom 6:54 am1:59 pmMrigashira
Auspicious Dates for Cesarean in November 2024

C Section Muhurat-Auspicious Dates for Cesarean in December 2024:

Date and DayStart TimeEnd TimeNakshatra
Margsheersha- Navmi, Dashmi 6 December2023 ThursdayFrom 7:00 am7:01 am on 7 DecemberUttara Phalguni
Margsheersha- Dashmi 7 December2023 ThursdayFrom 7:01 am4:09 pmHasta
Margashirsha- Dwadashi 9 December2023 SaturdayFrom 1o:43 am 11:37 pmSwati
Margashirsha- Tritiya, Chaturthi 15 December 2023 FridayFrom 8:10 am6:24 am of 6 DecemberUttarshana
Auspicious Dates for Cesarean in December 2024