Mantras for Good Health and Healing

Mantras for Good Health and Healing Visit
Mantras for Good Health and Healing

Mantras for Good Health and Healing

Here are some useful – Powerful Mantras and stotras for Good health and healing. Check and chant daily for good results.

Chakshushmati Vidya Mantra | Chakshushopanishad- for eye problems

Rudra Gayatri Mantra -Alleviates any Kind of Disease

Krimi Samhara Suktam Atharva Veda Germ Killing Mantra

Santana Gopala Mantra- to People suffering from fertility problems, Ensures safe delivery of the child.

Putra Prapti Mantra | Putra Prapti Ashtakam to Bless Male Baby, Remove sudden accidents

Hanumath Badabanala Stotram– This Stotram drives away from bad circumstances and bad company that keeps a person distracted. And  glorifies compassion, intelligence, positive vibrations, wisdom, strength, courage, forgiveness, kindness, distress.

Dattatreya Vajra Kavacham– for complete body protection(Armour of Diamond)

Mrithasanjeevani Mantra | Mrutha sanjeevani Kavacham -for Corona Pandemic/Any Serious Health Problems

Aditya Hrudayam  Surya Mantra | Powerful Mantra -from Ramayana For Healthy Life and Specially Eyes and for great mental and physical strength equal to all Vedas.

Argala Stotram– to get rid yourself from the stress caused due to anxiety,for mental clarity,get rid of all kinds of eyes and visual diseases. Chant this mantra can help to ease many skin diseases like acne, pimples, contact dermatitis, eczema, fungal infections, herpes, keloids, skin cancer, blood cancer, psoriasis, vitiligo, measles, anemia.

Narayaneyam Dasakam 1to 10 in English– The “Parayana” of Narayaneeyam is believed to possess the wonderful power of healing afflictions, both mental and physical, of the devotees. The “Nithyaparayana” of Narayaneeyam will enable the devotees to attain ” Ayurarogyasoukhyam”.

Garbha Rakshambika Stotram Month Wise– This mantra can help prevent abortion.

Powerful Tithi Nitya Devata Mantras – For Healing

Sarva Shukla Saraswati Mantras– Knowledge of science,knowledge of various languages and immunity from evil effects of spirits.

Narasimha Kavacham– offers supreme protection for devotee(Complete body protection).

Devi Khadgamala Stotram– the Khadagmala Stotram symbolizes the power (Energy) that enables us to transcend attachment, facilitating Self-Realization and leading us to the four principal aims of life namely, dharma, artha, kaama, and moksha.

Panchayudha Stotram- for complete protection of body

Sri Surya Satakam– for All types of Eye Diseases(chakshushopanishad mantra to cure eyesight)

Keelaka Stotram- Devi Mahatmyam for the Absolute Consciousness. For Complete Protection.

Dakshina Kali Kavacham kalikulasarvasve– Perfect Health – Recite thrice or 3 times to remove the disease and for getting perfect health.Remove sudden accidents – Recite the Kali Kavach 4 times in the morning and one time before going outside the home or office.

Mantras for Good Health and Healing:

Disease curing chants- These are called Roga Nivarana Mantras also:

Please believe heart fully and chant these mantras 108 times and apply sacred ash.Disease would go away .If it is serious repeat for 40 days.Definitely soon you will see results.without trust you can’t reach anything.

1.Achyuthanantha Govinda Namocharana beshajaath,
Nasyanthi sakala roga sathyam sathyam vadamyaham.

Meaning: The chanting of the names Achyutha , Anantha and Govinda is the medicine ,
And I tell the truth and nothing but the truth that it would destroy all diseases.

2.Achyuthanatha Govinda Vishno Narayanamrutha ,
Rogaan may nasaya aseshaan aasu Dhanvanthare hare.

Meaning:The names of Achyutha , Anantha , Govinda , Vishnu and Narayana is nectar ,
Oh Lord Dhanvanthari who is Hari , please with speed cure all my diseases completely.

3.Achyuthananda Govinda Vishno Dhanvanthare Hare,
Vasudeva Akhilanasya rogaan nasaya nasaya.

Meaning:Oh Achyutha , Oh Anantha , Oh Govinda , Oh Vishnu , Oh Dhanvantari , Oh Hari ,
Oh Vasudeva , please destroy , destroy all these diseases.

4.Somanadham Vaidhyanatham Dhanvanthari madhasvinou ,
Yethaan samsamaratha pratha , vyadhi sprasa na vidhyathi

Meaning:If one remembers in the morning Somanadha , Vaidhyanatha , Dhanvanthari,
And Asvini Kumaras then the diseases would not even touch him.

5.Balambikesa , Vaidyesha , bhava roga harethi cha ,
Japen nama thrayam nithyam maha roga nivaranam.

Meaning:“Oh lord of Balambika , Oh God od doctors cure this ,Illness of the birth cycle “If this is chanted thrice ,With devotion then all great diseases would be cured.

To get rid of diseases of the eye:

(to be chanted 12 times daily , 108 times  on Sundays and first of the Sanskrit months,
And should be offered Jaggery rice as  Naivedhya. This is a part of my  post of Soorya sthava Raja)

Vivarthano  Vivaswaam cha Marthando, Bhakaro Ravi,
Loka prakasaka  , Sriman Loka Chakshu  Maheswara,
Loka Sakshi  , Trilokesa  , Kartha , hartha  thamiraha ,
Thapana  Thapanaischaiva    Suchi  Sapthaswa vahana  ,
Gabasthi hastha  brahmanya  sarva deva  namaskrutha ,
SAreera  aarogyadaschaiva   Dhana vrudgi  Yasaskara.


The transformer, one who shines  , bird of the sky  , the one who lights ,one who bestows,
One who lights the world  , the eye of the world  , the great lord,
The witness of the world  , The god of three worlds, the doer, the destroyer and killer of night ,
He who heats he who cools  , the pure one, one who rides on seven horses,
He who has shining hands, one who has realized Brahman  , one who is saluted by all devas,
He~ who improves health, increases wealth and fame.

For food getting digested after eating:

Vathapi raksho baksha , sa thwam  Vindhya parvatha Garvahaa,

Samudhra Theertha  panaasu Jeernam kuru mamasanam


Oh sage  who ate Vatapi, Of sage who destroyed the  pride of Vindhyas,

Oh sage who drank the ocean water, please digest the food that I have taken

Mantras for Good Health and Healing:

To get rid  of diseases like epilepsy and fainting:

(Chant below mantra 108 times )

Gurave sarva lokanam, bhishaje  bhava roginam,
Nidhaye sarva vidhyanam, Dakshinamurthaye nama


Salutaions to the God of South,
Who is the teacher of all the world,
Who is the doctor for all diseases,
And who is the store house of all knowledge.

To get cured  of Cholera:

(Take water in a copper pot and chant this 108  times,

And make the patient drink the water.,If you daily chant this ,

You would not get  attacked by Cholera.)

Namo Bhagwathi thwam  may Vishnu SAkthi haraa shubham,

Uthsadaya   naya kshipram  dhoore  kuru vishoochikaam,


Salutations the Goddess  who is the power of Lord Vishnu ,

Please destroy   and quickly throw for a long distance the attack of Cholera.

To increase  memory  and avoid loss of memory problems:

(To be chanted below mantra 108 times daily)

Yaa devi sarva bhootheshu  Smruthi roopena samshthithaa,

Namasthasyai  , namasthasyai, namasthasyai namo nama.


I salute her, salute her    and salute   her , who exists,

In all beings in the form of  memory.

To get cured of poxes:

(To be chanted   108 times for three days ,  for the sick man by  another one,
Standing in water )

Vandeham Seethalaam devim  rasabasthaam  , digambaraam,

Marjanee kalasopetham  visphota kavi nasinim.


I salute the Goddess Sitala(cold one)  sitting on a donkey , wearing the sky as cloth ,

Who holds in her hand  a broomstick and a pot , who would cure all poxes.

To get  rid of incurable diseases:

(chant this 1008 times in the morning for 40 days)

Om Nama paramarthaya   purushaya  Mahathmane  ,

Aroopa bahu roopaya  , vyapine paramathmane .


Om I  salute   the Purusha  who is the truth and  a Great one ,

Who is without form , who has several forms , Who is the divine soul who is spread everywhere.

For getting rid of diseases:

(Prayer is addressed  to Balambika oif Vaitheeswaran koil)

Bakambikesa Vaidhyesa , bhava roga haredusa,

Japen nama thrayam nithyam Maha roga nivaranam,


Lord of Balambika,  God of doctors, Hara the god who removes disease of birth and death,

He who reads   these three names daily, would get rid of great diseases.