Kavachaas Shield of Prayers

Kavacham-Shield of Prayers

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Kavacham | Kavachaas Shield of Prayers

Kavacham~ is Armor of God. Kavacham is A Practical Way of Requesting the Lord’s Protection – The Kavacha Mantra Armor Hymns.

This protection is made available through surrender to the Lord via the kavacham or armour hymns, for example, the armour hymn of Lord Sarabesvara Siva, the great protector, motivator and well wisher.

Kavacha or Kavacham = Armour. It implies protection. The Kavacha mantras are Armour Mantras or Protection Mantras that explicitly request the Lord to protect us.

 While the very meaning of the word mantra is to protect, the Kavacha Mantras make it that much more explicit.

The efficacy of the Armour hymns depend on the devotee’s faith. They work best for those who have surrendered to the Lord. He or she who surrenders every part of his or her body to the Lord and seeks His protection will surely get it. This is why we have provided the meanings for the Ganesh Armour hymn below so you can see how the Lord’s protection is explicitly invoked in each line of the hymn.

It should become clear that the Lord’s protection becomes available when every part of the body is surrendered to the Lord’s care and all activities are done for Him, by Him and through Him.

Here are some Kavachas:

Skanda Sashti Kavacham -For success read this Shanmukhu will always protect us as a shield, and will cure all diseases, access to wealth, success in all endeavors, alleviate the sufferings of all planets, enemies, and no ghosts. , Skanda Sashti Kavatham is the hymn that can bring many comforts in Ihamu(material world) and finally bring about Skanda Sayuja (Non material world -paramu)

Kalabhairava Brahma Kavacham కాలభైరవ బ్రహ్మ కవచం श्री काल भैरव ब्रह्म कवच

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Deepa Durga Kavacham Mantram శ్రీ దీప దుర్గా కవచం

Nrusimha Kavacha Mantram Narasimha Kavacham

Ganesha Kavacham Vinayaka Kavacham for Ganesh Armour

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Kamakhya Kali Devi Kavacham Dasha Maha Vidya Kavach

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శ్రీ గణేశ కవచం

गणेश कवचं