Sri Vidya Mantras Sri Vidya Sadhana

What is Sri Vidya Sadhana:

Sri Vidya means auspicious knowledge. Everything concerned with Bhagwati Rajarajeshwari Lalita Mahatripurasundari is auspicious and sadhana to attain her is called Sri vidya sadhana.

Knowledge about Her is passed on from a guru to his disciple by way of initiation. Guru initiates his disciple into a mantra japa called Panchadasi mantra or any other mantra of his choice. Normally the first initiation is Her younger form called Bala. Based upon the disciple’s progress, Panchadasi mantra and Shodai mantra are initiated. The supreme mantra japa of Lalitambika is known as Maha-Shodasi Mantra, which leads the practitioner to emancipation.

Srividya is Mahavidya and Brahmamayi. “Shri” itself is Mahatripurasundari. There are many differences of this knowledge according to the sect and religion. In the ten Mahavidyas, the first three Kali, Tara and Shodashi are the most important and from all the nine Vidyas and one supplementary Vidya, there are Ten Mahavidyas. The root is only one, from which three have happened and there is only one Vidya, Srividya. Wherever there is a combination of all the three forms, it all ultimately merges with the name Tripura.

The relationship between a master and his Guru continues until the disciple is fully developed and becomes independent. There is a huge difference between “Guru and guru’. Upper case G refers to a Self realized person and the lower case g refers to a person who has merely studied tantra sastras and deeply involved in rituals connected with it and stay with these rituals, thus proclaiming himself as an authority on Sri Vidya.

Worship and worship of Karunamayi Rajarajeshwari Srilalitha Mahatripurasundari is beneficial for all. When Atma Swarupini Srividya assumes the body through Leela, then the Vedas begin to represent them. Sadhana-worship of Sri Vidya is done in Sri Yantra. Worship of Shree Yantra is an incomparable infallible means of liberation-in-life and Shivtva Bhava. Srividya mantra contains all the mantras and Sriyantra contains all the yantras.

Sri Vidya -SriVidya Mantras:

Sri Vidya Sadhana- SriVidya Sadhana maily divided into below:

Sri vidya sadhana mantras-Bala, Panchadasi, Mahashodasi, Guhya Panchadasi Mantras belongs to SriVidya.(Mantra Details given in Nandi Vidya Mantra And Nandi Gayatri Mantra and Devi Khadgamala Stotram )

Sri Vidya Sadhana – Dasha Maha vidya

Sri Chakra Puja -Navavarana Puja

Lalitha Sahasranaman with Nyasam

Lalitha Sahasranaman with Nyasam in Telugu

Authentic Devi Khadgamala Stotram Given by Sringeri Peetham (Thousands years old unprinted in books)
Bala Mantram(from the Brhamanda Purana)
Panchadashi Mantra(from the Brhamanda Purana)

Nandi Vidya Mantra And Nandi Gayatri Mantra

Bala Muktavali Stotram with Meaning

Tripura Bhairavi Kavacham-Trilokya Bhairavi Kavacham-Bhairavi Mantras

Shyamala Mantra:

Raja Shyamala Sahasranamam-Matangi Sahasranamam

Sri Mathangi Hrudayam

Referring Books: